Android vs iOS

So, I’ve been using iPhones since 2008, and have had an android tablet since Thursday, so it’s totally fair to compare them at this point. My new tablet is a samsung galaxy tab 3 running jelly bean, android 4.2. My current, beloved iPhone is an iPhone 5, running 7.1. First impression pros and cons

Android pros (so far)
1. Super customizable
2. Widgets!
3. Crazy taxi!! I was so sad when Dave and busters got rid of that game
4. Micro SD slot. I have no use for this on the tablet yet, but if I had one on my iPhone it would be a lifesaver.
5. The ability to auto- shut off data if it reaches a certain level. Again, don’t need this on my phone due to my unlimited plan, but it’s fucking brilliant.

Android cons
1. Less intuitive than iOS, tho I have been using iPhones for 6 years so that probably isn’t fair
2. Filled with AT&T bloatware
3. I don’t like autocorrect function as much
4. I actually have to pay attention to what I download due to the openness of the App Store.

So, overall I’m happy with the android tablet, but when it’s time to upgrade my phone? It’s going to be iPhone all the way!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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