Country fried questions

1.What is with the constant random USA chanting? I love America too, but it’s stupid and bizarre! And seems kinda defensive and aggressive, or something
2. This chanting is especially egregious if you are holding or wearing a traitorous flag. In New Jersey. Armed insurrection against America is SO patriotic.
3. Tho there were some seriously unattractive girls and a few attractive guys, the average attractiveness of the women far outweighed the scruffy, beer bullied, tooth missing, boxer exposing excuses for men clogging up the place
4. About the boxer thing- when the fuck did that happen? When did rednecks start emulating hoodrats who are emulating prisoners? Your boxers aren’t sexy, pull your damn pants up. Seriously, the few attractive guys there had their boxers exposed, so I couldn’t even ogle without getting aggravated and planning a killing spree!
5. Speaking of killing, who the fuck randomly drops skanky ass miller lite on a random girls head. Seriously, dude who did that, I hope you die. In a stupid, family shaming way. Like you try to fuck a horse and it kills you, or you decide to drive a tractor drunk and fall off and get your skull caught in the blades.
6. $18 for whiskey?!?! $14 for fucking skanky Seagrams?!? A whole bottle of that swill is $10!?!? And I wouldn’t drink it for free! Even by stadium concession standards that’s some bullshit there.
7. Why do so many smokers not bring their own cigarettes into the concert? They just go around pitifully begging strangers. Free tip- if you are addicted to tobacco, and are going to be trapped outdoors for hours, bring your own damn cigarettes!  Or at least go mooch from people actually smoking, don’t bug me while I’m trying to enjoy the concert or take a picture. If you are going to be an addict, be a prepared addict!!

Despite all of the above, I actually had a fairly awesome time. Just..pull up your pants people!




About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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