If there is one word I could use to describe 2012, both personally, and across the world, it would be- broken. Everything is just breaking and broken, and going to shit. I’ll start with the personal stuff, because it isn’t 2012 if there’s no internet narcissism.

Things in my life that have broken this year:
1. My body. This year seems to be the year when my body decided to aggressively show his age. And then some. And I wrote an whole elaborate fucking thing here and the WordPress iPhone app fucking ate it. Anyway, suffice to say my health fucking sucks. I had a year filled with petty health complaints, my foot, my chest, my sneezing, culminating with an ER visit, related to a health problem that I was diagnosed with in March. We took a wait and see approach. That was clearly wrong. The ER visit cemented an already worsening health problem, a need for invasive major surgery, and forced a cancellation/postponement (hopefully) of the Israel trip that I won last year. And 2013 will start with said major surgery. Awesome.
2. My job. Made me part-time. Kept my insurance, but fucking still.
3. Electronics. My Zune got a smashed/cracked screen, somehow. Dropped my brand new iPhone 5. Video cable and battery dying on my laptop. Camera won’t take pictures outdoors anymore. Washes them all out. Which I discovered less than two weeks before the mummers parade. Perfect.

Things in the world that are broken this year
1. Our political system. We spent 2 billion dollars on the election. Congress is totally pointless. They can’t pass anything, but they can tack Alaskan pork onto a bill for hurricane sandy relief. Seriously, all 535 members of the house and senate can go fuck themselves. Never mind this whole self-imposed, kick the can fiscal cliff crisis we are dealing with now. At least the “when there’s a legitimate rape, the woman’s body has ways to shut that whole thing down” guy lost.
2. Syria. Nuff said. If you don’t know what’s going on there, shame on you. I point you to CNN or google.
3. Mass shootings. Culminating in a guy shooting 20 first graders. After several other shootings this year alone
4. Generalized fuckedupedness. The guy who shot at firefighters because “killing is what I’m good at”. The woman in Indian gang raped with an iron rod until she died. The increasingly disturbing stories that seem to be endless and increasing.
5. Phillys escalating murder rate.
6. Generalized world going to shit. See Syria above. See Israel and Hamas coming to blows. See Iran getting closer to a nuclear weapon. See the Egyptian president thinking we can control YouTube, and then trying to make himself dictator. See Benghazi. See the Taliban declaring a fatwas on a 14 year old because she dared to want to go to school.

So, basically, everything sucks. The world is fucked, as am I! Happy stinking new year everyone!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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