The greater good

I named this blog the greater good, even though every time I say the phrase in my head I hear it creepily chanted back to me “the greater good”. That said, the phrase fits.

So, news broke today (at least for me) that some painfully ignorant, shithead Congressman wannabe Senator- Todd Akin is the name, who said that you can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape”. He has since apologized, saying he meant to say “forcible” rape. As if that’s better. So many problems with this statement, that have been well-articulated elsewhere. Obviously you can get pregnant from rape, 30,000 women a year do. Plus, if rape didn’t assist in procreation- it wouldn’t still exist. Okay, it would, because people are assholes, but you see my point. Never mind trying to determine what a “legitimate rape” is. Let’s move away from date rapes, which obviously wouldn’t seem legitimate by this guy. If someone has a gun to your head, and you don’t physically fight back? What if someone drugs you? Are those rapes not forcible because the woman isn’t beaten to a bloody pulp? That’s bullshit. Offensive, stupid, lacking in basic biological knowledge.

But, Todd Akin being a dipshit is not why I write about the greater good. Not directly at least. Of course he should resign, and preferably go crawl in a hole somewhere. Never mind whether someone who is raped should be allowed an abortion (I personally think so, obviously. I can’t imagine having my rapist’s baby growing inside of me. Obviously lots of women do, and grow to love them, but it shouldn’t be mandatory. It would feel, to me, like carrying Rosemary’s Baby. And every time I looked in the mirror, every prenatal appointment, every turned aside drink, would be a constant reminder of the asshole who raped me. No woman should be forced to deal with that if she doesn’t want to). But, that’s not even the point. If your position is that a fertilized egg is equivalent to a baby, I at least follow the logical reasoning, even if i think its fucked.

No, the reason why I titled this the greater good? Fucking Claire McCaskill. Fuck her. Her campaign put forth 1.5 million dollars of ads during the primary, trying to get this guy to win. Because he was crazy, and would therefore be easier to beat. Of course, she was running behind this guy anyway. This exact rationale, that winning is more important that actually facing a competent opponent, that its worth risking that a guy who must’ve failed health class could be a US Senator, just so that stupid bitch could keep her seat. Winning is NOT everything, because we don’t win, we just all lose. Because fuck the country, if I don’t win, I don’t care what happens anyway. Its all about the next fucking election. And yeah, senator is a sweet job. Good pay, great benefits, free car, bribes and kickbacks, only work 100 days a year. But, is a sweet job really worth selling the country out? Because that’s totally what Claire McCaskill did.


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