A topless Channing Tatum and Anne Hathaway in a catsuit

The show the Newsroom is hokey, but I like it anyway. Yes, Aaron Sorkin is blatantly liberal, and there’s no way Jeff Bridges character is actually a Republican, but I still enjoy the show. Also, I hate exercise. Thirdly, neither of those things are what I actually want to write about. Earlier, as I sat, eating spaghetti, I had a brilliant idea for a blog entry. And then I ate some more (hence why I need to exercise) and can’t remember what it was. So…until it comes to me, you get more random musings. Hopefully I’ll actually finish this one. I started a blog post on Magic Mike (Channing Tatum needs to always be topless) but I never bothered finishing it, and now its relegated to the draft bin, likely never to be seen again. I clearly don’t have the energy to write an entire movie review. Same thing with Dark Knight Rises, the most recent movie I’ve seen. Good movie, though not as good as the second one. Which, totally flouts the typical trilogy rule…wait, no, that’s not accurate. The whole second movie of a trilogy being the worst one isn’t really a good rule. It is with Die Hard, the second Die Hard sucked. But the second Indiana Jones is definitely my favorite, and Ghostbusters 2 is bound to be better than a Bill Murry-less Ghostbusters 3. Especially since Ghostbusters 2 is awesome. And, I know its improbable that the Ghostbusters wouldn’t still be heroes, but lets be honest here- people are fucking ungrateful, its not nearly as improbable as we’d like it to be. Anyway, Dark Knight Rises was good, and I promise not to spoil the ending. Also, Anne Hathaway in a cat suit. Hell, I’m straight, but she was working it.

Enough about movies. Last night, totally unexpectedly, I ended up going to the cesspool city, in a cesspool of a state, poor little Camden, NJ. Though…no. I was about to say maybe Philly doesn’t have room to talk, since we were being called kill-adelphia on fucking CNN tonight, but then..no. We may have a lot of murders, but our skyline still looks like this (see picture on left)
And…theirs looks like that (see picture on right)

Yeah, we win. Anyway, Camden is fucking terrifying, but the concert was fun. The lawn is always a sideshow, and some idiot got arrested after hopping the fence, but you can’t beat free concert tickets. Even if we did stupidly pay $13 for crab fries.

Last week, I went to my first Phillies game of the season! And it was hot as balls. Specifically balls of someone dying of a fever. But, we won! And people left in the 9th inning of a tie game! Dumbasses.

This blog is losing steam. And I have a feeling those uploaded pics will have come out all fucking wrong. Oh well. At least I know the tripod trick now.

Blogs two days in a week!!!


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