10 things that make me hate everyone

1. That neo-Nazi asshole who killed those people in Wisconsin. Um, dumbass, Sheiks aren’t Muslims, there will NEVER be worldwide white pride, because most of the world isn’t white. Also, his music is terrible. Even if it wasn’t racist, the lyrics are mundane, the vocals are terrible, and the music is generic. Seriously, I hope he is being butt-raped in hell, with holograms of Jews, blacks, and those poor Sheiks, taunting him fucking endlessly.
2. There are websites supporting the guy who shot up that movie theater in CO
3. That old woman who was raped recently
4. That 13 year old kid who was robbing people in West Philly at gunpoint
5. When did Phillies fans become Dodgers fans? Seriously, I don’t care how bad the team is, you don’t leave in the 9th inning of a tie game on a Sunday afternoon, unless there has been a death in the family or someone is the hospital
6. People who think that “straight pride” needs to be a thing, because treating gays like people threatens them THAT much. Also, people who think you’ll get aids from eating in the same restaurant as gay people (or who think it is funny to joke about).
7. A seven year old was involved in a violent home invasion
8. Gabby Douglas wins two gold medals and trifling people online talk about her hair
9.The Phillies are having a retro-90’s night. This isn’t wrong, or evil, but it does make me feel really really old.
10. That Call Me Maybe song


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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