Things we should atone for

Philadelphia sports fans get a bum rap. We are treated like the worst fans in the country, yet worse behavior by other towns is entirely ignored. Other towns riot after sports wins, and beat opposing fans into a coma in parking lots, but we are the worst fans ever because one drunken asshole (who’s from new jersey, a place that deserves their bum rap) pukes on a little girl, or because people cheered Michel Irvin’s injury (as if we are the only town to do that) or because bad parents bring their kids to an eagles game dressed in cowboys gear and then are surprised things don’t go well. Or because of goddamn Santa. Santa was drunk, skinny, and the team was a bunch of bums. I would’ve booed his ass too, he was a disgrace to mall Santas everywhere!!!

That said, there is some behavior I do believe Philly fans need to atone for, or at least attempt to justify.

1. Dick Allen. Yes, he was cranky, had a serious drinking problem, and repeatedly asked, begged, and manipulated everyone to get out of town, despite being very well-paid. But, I’m a girl who timelines matter too. And guess what started before all these things that would’ve justified booing? He started getting booed! While having fantastic all-star seasons! And the writers were just assholes, god, I thought writers were assholes now, but 60’s writers take the cake. Oh, and, he had to wear a goddam helmet in the outfield, because people flung garbage and D batteries at him, vandalized his house, and wrote letters calling him a nigger. Hmm. I love Philly, but id want the fuck out of town at that point too. And it all started in 1965 because he got into a fight with a white player and then wasn’t able to tell his side of it. Yes, that wasn’t GOOD, he was a flawed fucked up man who made things worse for himself, but still- phillies fans treated him like crap, and really need to atone. Was it just racism?? Or something else too?

2. Mike Schmidt. He’s pretty well beloved now, what with being the best third basemen of all time and all, but we treated him like crap, and I’ve never really gotten a good reason for why. Yes, he was a prickly guy, right? I get why he wasn’t beloved, but why was he booed all the time? Especially since we loved Lenny Dykstra, who was kind of a steroid using asshole (seriously, I was 10 at the time and I recall hearing whispers). Seriously- things came easy to him? Really? Petty and jealous much? But yet we are nice to Michael fucking Vick, who’s certainly not the best at anything, and is, well, a herpes spreading, dog torturing sociopath. Who owes 400,000 grand to bankruptcy court and held a $300,000 wedding. Explain please?

And, well, all I have is two things, because overall Philly fans are awesome!


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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  1. Agreed. Great way with words 🙂

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