Avengers review that barely mentions the Avengers

Random thoughts from seeing the Avengers earlier today

1. I feel no regret over never bothering to watch Thor. Seriously, he was passable as part of the ensemble, but a whole movie of that guy would be SO annoying
2. Captain America seemed interesting though, that movie I might bother to watch
3. I don’t get bringing young kids to long-ass movies they won’t enjoy. None of them were disruptive to me particularly, but this one woman seriously had to leave the movie half a dozen times tending to a little girl who was maybe four or five. This was a two and a half hour movie, that girl was probably bored out her skull. There’s a reason why kiddie movies are 80 minutes long, and even then some kids have issues. I get wanting to see The Avengers and not having a sitter, but I’d be annoyed paying $18 for a movie (the girl was little, but not little enough to get in free. She may have got it at a discount, but Neshaminy even with a discount sucks, so it was probably still like $15) to miss like half the movie. As fun as the movie is, if I’m going to miss half of it tending to my bored child, I’d rather just wait to rent it.
4. I adore Robert Downey, Jr. And I always freaking will. Not only is he great as Iron Man- see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Seriously, watch it. Fantastic.
5. Dark Knight Rises trailer!! This had been out for awhile, but I’d been too lazy to watch it. CANNOT WAIT! I nearly geeked out in the middle of the theater
6. Speaking of previews, why on earth does Neshaminy start their previews so goddamn late? Most places, for a 3:45 movie, the previews starts at 3:45, but there was like several minutes of bs before they even started the previews.
7. Also, after several ads imploring us all to turn off our phones, another ad told us to CALL a number for more information.
8. As morally opposed as I was to them doing another Spiderman reboot…I hate to admit, it actually looks good!
9. I liked what his face as the hulk.
10. Robin from HIMYM has simply gotten too thin.
11. The movie as a whole was good. Fun, enjoyable, kept my attention. Highly recommend.


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    Nice article, cool blog 🙂

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