Whatever you do- don’t “date” an Adam

When I watched the first episode of that show Girls I kinda hated it. The characters all seemed entitled and unlikable, the pacing was slow, I couldn’t get into it. That said, the show HAS grown on me, this week’s episode was pretty funny, with the whole gay ex-bf thing. Though the main character’s bf doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get me wrong, and I know all the commentators say they know girls who have dated an “Adam”, but I don’t buy it. Sure, lots of girls date assholes, I’ve dated assholes. But..usually its because they are funny. Or smart, or interesting. Or SOMETHING. He’s an idiot, he’s pasty, he’s interpersonally objectionable, he’s a whore, he’s mean, he’s derogatory, he doesn’t return calls or texts, he insults her constantly and never compliments her. I mean, sure, plenty of guys don’t call back, but they are at least ATTRACTIVE. Or, they are at least sleek and complimentary until after they sleep with you. This guy is just constant pasty asshole with bad hair. And why is he NEVER wearing a shirt? Of course he gave her HPV, he’s a total whore who doesn’t like to use condoms, he’s probably dripping with disease. Just…ew. It’s not even like he’s a cool asshole, who smokes a cigarette, and rides a motorcycle (note: I have never dated anyone who rides a motorcycle, and my idea of cool might be based on Happy Days reruns). He’s not cool, he’s a douche and he’s unemployed, I can’t see how he would get ANY repeat business from anyone unless he was involved with girls who were blind, deaf virgins. He’s not even good in bed! Just…ew.

Of course…according to Maury Povich all sorts of objectionable men somehow are sleeping with and impregnating multiple women. And of course there’s this guy. *shudder* maybe there really are girls doing Adams out there- how depressing. The worst part is, if he was just some piece of ass she subjected herself to until she found something better- fine. But she actually thinks he has boyfriend potential. Frustrating.

I still like Veep better than Girls tho, buzz be damned. Of course, I’m a sucker for fast paced political stuff (I miss West Wing, that show always made me feel smart-I wonder if its on Netflix). I also really like Julia Louis-Dreyfuss. And New Girl. And GCB. And House, though I am WAY behind. House and Wilson have the cutest relationship (please don’t spoil me, I heard a rumor about cancer, but I haven’t caught up there yet). Maybe I should just blog about TV, I relate better to fictional characters than real ones anyway.

And are the Flyers losing again? Goddamit!


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