in a fog

I have my moments when I am really sharp. Hell, I’m always smart, right? But, I’m often in a fog. That said, here are my fog-covered musings…

I’ve jumped on the instagram bandwagon. It does allow my iPhone to take pretty pretty pictures! I don’t get how its worth a BILLION dollars though. Does money have no meaning anymore? The ability to make things sepia toned is now a billion dollar enterprise? Really? Yeah, it makes my pictures look nice, but its hardly a new innovation, if very well done.

Speaking of absurd financial situations, apparently student loan debt has gone up 511% since i was in high school. College is important and all, but I do think the college are perpetrating a scam. How else do they explain costs increasing at such a faster rate than inflation?

Speaking of scams and general despicableness- PETA- Where eating meat is wrong, but killing stray animals is right. And yeah, I should link to back that up, but I’m lazy, so if you don’t believe me just google it.

And there’s more I could write about. All the messed up news in the world. But, this has sat for days, and there’s a Flyers game to watch. So…everything else can wait.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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