Dexter Morgan is an idiot (spoileriffic)

*spoiler alert*

Dexter was dumb this season. And, by that, I mean the character Dexter Morgan, not necessarily the show, the show was still enjoyable enough to watch. Tho, the rampant stupidity of both him and other characters did make this season not quite the best. And yes, I know the season ended months ago, but i am really behind. Which also means that months went by between the season premiere (which i really liked, him being the hot guy at his HS reunion- as he freaking should be) and the season finale wherein *spoiler alert* Deb, who is now inexplicably in love with her brother due to shockingly bad advice from her therapist. Seriously, that therapist is even worse than the therapist in season 1 who Dexter killed because he was encouraging his clients to kill themselves. At least he was competent, if evil. But this woman – “Maybe you should explore your feelings for your brother- you aren’t blood related” WHAT THE FUCK No no no! Ignoring that there really was no evidence that she was “in love” with her brother until the shrink pointed it out, some shit is best left buried. If you find out about her incestuous feelings, you bury that shit in fortified cement. Far away. And scorch the earth and lose the map. You don’t encourage her to act on it! It couldn’t be that Debra makes fucked up relationship choices because of a complicated relationship with her father, who ignored her because he was busy grooming Dexter to be a vigilante serial killer (which is absolutely the only way to handle a traumatized teenage boy torturing animals, there’s no other possible way to handle that). I don’t know Harry, maybe you could have TOLD him what happened to him, let him try to come with terms, not act like…Harry Harry Harry. Anyway, girl makes poor relationship issues and leans heavily on her brother. OBVIOUSLY she must be in love with her brother. Anyway, ignoring the wreckage that little bit of incest enabling may lead to (seriously, maybe the shrink is in love with her own brother).

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Debra walks in, on Dexter, killing the big bad from that season. This is entirely Dexter’s fault, its hard to even be sympathetic. Not because he was killing the guy (he needed to die) but because Dexter made the EXACT same mistakes that got Rita killed, except dialed up to 11, and caused the senseless deaths of multiple people because of it. He discovered multiple episodes earlier that Colin Hanks was involved with the killer, determined he was an innocent caught up in it (he wasn’t) and even once his interference led to the death of Colin Hanks’ sister and several other people, and he realized that Colin Hanks was entirely the main bad guy and full of shit, instead of, oh, I dunno, allowing the cops (who were directly on his tail and had been for weeks) catch the guy, saving Miami, he runs interference so the guy can get away, because he wants him for himself. And PEOPLE DIE. Initially, in season 1, the claim was that Dexter only went after people who slipped through the cracks of the justice system. Which is true, except he puts the cracks there himself!

And yeah, he did save all the cops by locking the crazy bitch in a room. BUT it would never have gotten to that point. Nor would his son ever have been kidnapped, nor would Debra have walked in on him in his poorly placed kill room. Seriously, this was one season where he needed to listen to dead Harry! If he had let the cops catch that asshole, so many people wouldn’t have died. And what makes it worse, this is EXACTLY why Rita died. If he had let the cops catch Trinity, it never would have happened. And then he makes the exact same mistakes again?? Putting his son, and the whole damn city in danger? Tsk tsk Dexter Morgan, I expected better from you.

And don’t even get me started on Quinn’s trifling ass…

Of course, despite my complaints over the idiot ball existing in place of Dexter’s brain in this season, of course I’m gonna watch! What’s going to happen now that Debra knows her brother/love interest (and why did I hear banjos as I typed that?) is a serial killer? How the hell do we come back from that.

Stay tuned for next season…Dexter goes to jail?? We’ll find out….


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