A lack of empathy is spreading like wildfire

It seems there’s an epidemic of sociopathy taking over my town, and by extension the world. The Chinese store owner gunned down, in front of his family, the gangs of teenagers beating people for fun, the guy shot down in old city for no reason at all…I was reading the paper this morning, and all I could think is- the world fucking sucks. And it seems like….there’s just something missing. And maybe this isn’t new, but it feels like its getting worse. Because its just so fucking senseless, why is it fun to beat an elderly man? Does that really make you feel strong- a group of teenagers against one old man? I don’t even know how you fix someone who thinks that’s acceptable.

And everywhere, it’s me me me. It’s self esteem above all else. And you better not offend me, or look at me funny. And god forbid walking in someone else’s shoes. And it feels like looking around, all there is is fucking danger. Like, this world is just a terrible place. And watching the news doesn’t help. Between murder, and presidential debates, and wars and famine, and no one can tolerate each other anymore. And there’s never any reason to be around anyone who disagrees. And if I want something, I’ll take it, if I want to hurt someone, I’ll do it. Never mind the legal consequences- when did it become cool to be such an asshole?

Maybe I should blame hipsters, skinny jeans, soul patches, and doing things ironically was bound to be our downfall. It’s like, no one has consideration for others anymore. At least it seems that way.

And maybe they never did. Looking back thru history, people have done some seriously fucked up shit. But, more than one person a day is getting murdered here. And we are only solving 60% of them. There are over 1000 unsolved murders in the last decade. Just in Philly. It’s like my town is spiraling out of control, and I’m not sure why. Yeah, the economy is shit, but what does that have to do with senseless violence? Just because your life sucks doesn’t give you license to hurt another person.

Neither does them being a rangers fan. Seriously, just throw popcorn at them, give them wrong directions and be done with it. There’s no reason to resort to violence. People need to gain some goddamn perspective. It’s like a lack of empathy is spreading like wildfire. And I have no idea how to put out the flames.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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