My name is Joia, and I have a problem. A multitasking problem. As in, I feel the need to multitask. Constantly. Pointless. Even to my detriment. So, despite my friend (and personal IT guy) telling me that keeping so many tabs open is detrimental to my laptop, I have like 30 tabs open in Firefox right now. Because I have life stuff I need to do! And Facebook. And twitter. And email. And TV tropes. And like six different articles on And hulu- but I have shows to catch up on! And news articles- pictures of 2011 year in review! I couldn’t close them off, than I’d lose my place. And then on top of that, I browse the internet really neurotically. An attempt to create order among chaos maybe. Some people go to church, I browse the internet very specifically. Have since college, come to think of it. And, there were signs, when I was young. Once, in grade school, I get these really cool multicolored pens. Pink, and blue, and green, and purple. But, I couldn’t handle the decision of which pen to use when, so I came up with pointless rules. I’d use this color for this subject, or this color for this day. Anything to avoid chaos, anything to avoid a decision. Even a petty one. Rules rules rules. Keeping my tabs from before in Firefox, even when expressly told to do otherwise. Its not that I like my computer crashing. But it seems so exhausting to start over each day. Even if it means I end up getting less done. Or my laptop is prone to crashing out of sleep mode. Even if there are so many tabs its almost overwhelming, even though they don’t come close to fitting on the page. I MUST multitask, I must. I don’t know why…but I must. On to the next tab.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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