I’ve determined that I clearly don’t have the focus to just write an entry about one thing anymore. Even when I think of something, like the decay of boy bands, I can’t seem to make a whole entry out of it. So, here follows random observations until I get my writing mojo back

I fought the rain today coming home, and the rain won. Yeah, i know, weather isn’t interesting, but my umbrella seriously lost to mother nature today. Umbrellas often do, rain and wind go together surprisingly often. Fronts and all that. You’d think we’d have thought of a better system by now.

Speaking of fronts, why do the nazis (i.e. Stormfront) love Ron Paul so much?? Ron Paul never struck me as a racist neo-nazi, what on earth does he say that appeals to those people so much?? And why won’t he disavow them?!?!

I wish I could go to the Winter Classic. Seriously- hockey in a baseball stadium! Two of my loves smushed together, its like a sports orgasm. but sadly, my broke ass will have to watch it on TV. Preferably a tv with alcohol nearby. Mmmm whiskey….

The news sucks. But this isn’t new.

I can’t focus


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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