North Korea and the laws of biology and physics

I wonder if the North Korean people are utterly hopeless. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame them for their plight, but after generations of malnutrition and painfully stupid propaganda (seriously, its like 1984 but even more absurd), I wonder if those people would even have any idea of what to do if they encountered..truth, freedom, etc. And I wonder if the people there actually believe that Kim Jong Il started talking at three weeks and walking at eight weeks. Seriously, Jesus is supposed to be the freaking son of God and Christians don’t claim that he violated basic laws of human biology by having a two month old freaking walk. Or that he shot 11 holes in one, the first time he played golf?? The forced crying, the giant pictures, the total blackout of anything sane, the kidnappings. The place is a fucking nightmare.

Reuniting the countries would be ruinous for South Korea, everyone knows that. But..even if North Korea became free. Are the people’s brains there mush? Will they all have to go to anti-cult counseling, shaken in their belief that their “anointed” (creepy) leader did not in fact invent the hamburger. It’d be like unplugging people from the freaking Matrix, except at least in this case they would be going someplace nicer. (Seriously…Zion blows. That was part of the problem with the sequels, the real world was a dark cave filled with bad music and weird orgies. It made being a battery seem surprisingly comforting). But, would someone who spent their entire life believing that garbage, being forced to cry, never having any concept of what the truth is. And not only believing lies (all dictators lie, all politicians lie…in the words of House- Everybody lies. And it’s never lupus…but that’s less relevant). But these lies are so freaking stupid. Seriously…he invented an invisible camera? Really people? Can’t you make yourself look good without violating the laws of biology, physics, and time?? I’d sooner believe that you could travel through time with a DeLorean and stolen plutonium than that a baby learned to walk at two months. Like…seriously…the bone structure of an infant…just no. And that creepy funeral, and the giant pictures. Yeah, the giant pictures are more normal, they are standard dictator fare. In fact, they are part of why the t-shirts with the big Obama pictures creep me out some. Like, seriously people…why are you making your President more like a third world dictator?? Creeepy.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way comparing Barack Obama to Kim Jung Il.

Anyway, I can’t imagine…and the fucked thing is, we don’t know if these people even believe this stuff, because if you dissent- you die. But, I feel bad for those people, but at the same time, I worry that the neurons in their brains may have stopped fully firing. Even just as a defense mechanism- I mean…wouldn’t they have to???


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