Reasons Andy Reid should be fired

1. Hired an incompetent offensive line coach to be defensive coordinator
2. Punted the season away in the 1997 playoffs against the New Orleans Saints
3. No hurry up offense at the end of the Super Bowl
4. Complete and utter inability to manage the clock. At all. Ever. No attempts to get better, or hire someone else to manage the clock, or even acknowledge it
5. Spent years moralizing, and then signed freaking Michael Vick
6. Drafted Kevin Kolb
7. Playcalling has gotten progressively worse throughout the years
8. Pompous and incoherent press conferences
9. Entirely unable to make in-game adjustments
10. Refuses to allow the talent and abilities of his players inform his playcalling
11. Encourages his players to squash dissent among the fan base
12. Beloved by idiotic national media (i.e. the type of people who think Joe Buck deserves a job)
13. Also beloved by the sniveling Howard Eskin
14. Has the best running back in the league, yet doesn’t run the ball. While leading. In the second half
15. Thought switching back and forth between quarterbacks during games was a reasonable decision
16. The wide 9


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