I was in a dark mood

Daddy Daddy- I just saw a coach ass raping a little boy in the showers? Oh whatever should I do? This is such a tough moral call!!

Seriously, fuck people. Fuck not reporting child rape, fuck routing for dog killers. Fuck Andy Reid. Fuck war, and nukes, and occupiers who are stopping people from working for demands that are unclear. Fuck not sleeping. I am consistently not sleeping. I will be exhausted all day, and then suddenly, head to pillow, my eyes stay open. And then I wake up, exhausted, unable to sleep, hours before I need to. And, I feel like I’m constantly on edge, at risk of collapse. Or not. Maybe I’m just melodramatic. Or just need more sleep. I’m fine really. At least I know if I saw a kid getting raped, the first person I’d call wouldn’t be my father. Well, I DON’T call my father ever. But, my mother, or stepfather, or any of my friends. No, I think I’d be calling 911, or the nearest big burly guy, or for a bat or a shovel. People suck, is all I’m saying. And, it’s not just that, or even mostly. It’s- I mean, watch the world for fucks sake. Watch the news.

On a small scale, there can decent people, kindness, goodness, all that stuff. It’s there, I know. The world isn’t totally gray and cold. Obviously, since it was warm and sunny today. A nice day to go on a long pointless walk to South Street in search of a cookie store with questionable hours. On less than four hours sleep. My eyes are unhappy. Or punishing me, for something.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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