Dilworth plaza

Here’s the thing Occupy Philly- I have no real problem with you. You mean well enough, you have reasons to be angry, hell I’m angry too. And I think our city has been pretty damn hospitable to you. But here’s the thing…

You are seriously going to have to vacate dilworth plaza next month. You see, there is a major renovation planned. A 55 million dollar one. And- this needs to happen. The center of our government should not look like a cesspool. Our city is better than a homeless colony in the center of town. Putting it off will simply cost more money, especially since it’d be an indefinite put off because you guys are planning on staying until….corporate types stop being greedy?? The man stops keeping you down? Being vague and amorphous is fine and all, but I will NOT allow my city to suffer because you want to fight the man!

It’s bad enough how much money this is costing us. And, no, it’s not that the police are bitching about doing their job- its that cities aren’t designed to have hundreds of people live outdoors and camp out in the middle of them. It’s not a natural part of their job to have to give you round the clock protection because you choose to live outside. That said, I’ll turn a blind eye to that, let you guys take your little protest (which is NOT as important as the freaking civil rights movement) to some other location. But…you need to vacate dilworth plaza.

Sorry. I want my student loans forgiven too. And it’s totally fucked how other cities are freaking beating people. But…the needs of my city come first. And once your endless protest starts interfering with my city’s efforts to become a nicer place to live- its on! We’ve been nice to you so far- I would really hate for that to have to change.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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