I miss my cat

He cried the whole way to the vet. And then he shook. I was hoping it was a sign he was just upset about the vet. He hated the vet. But then they did CPR. And his heart had stopped and he was gone. And I realize he died in the car.

It was all because of fleas. We let the collars expire- why did we do that? And scruffy kept itching. And the shampoo didn’t work. So, it was time to deflea. And I wasn’t there for this part, but I doubt it would have mattered. Petsmart, OTC flea medicine. They place it on the cats necks, keep a close eye on Buttons because he’s older.

And..his breathing isn’t quite right. We should have taken him to the vet right then but who knew a flea product could kill someone. And, we gave him a bath, waited for him to get better. Made him a food tray for later he would never get to eat. And my mom comes in my room screaming. He’s not getting better. I look up the drug quickly on my iPhone. And…so many stories. Seizures, and deaths. We call the 24 hour vet, they say that its poison. We rush there…not fast enough. We thought it was fast enough. But..instead…it wasn’t. We sit in a brightly lit room, and get the bad news. I want to be sick. He was fine earlier that day. It was the drug, the drug. We take his body home, but Scruffy is drooling, or foaming. So, we take them both, they get baths. I get home at 7:30, have to call out of work.

And..they were sleepy, skittish, motor skills were terrible. Creamy even had a lazy eye for awhile. They got better. Buttons didn’t. I had him since he was 15. He was sweet, and greedy, and not that bright. He had giant eyes, and he loved having him chin scratched. He would nibble me when he was hungry, and stand with his legs far apart. And, he’s sunbathe, and sniff the fresh air. And…Sentry killed him. Petsmart killed him. We…

Just…don’t shop at PetSmart. Don’t use those OTC products, they are basically just fucking pesticides. Just…I miss my cat. And, no, I can’t just get another one.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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4 Responses to I miss my cat

  1. Our 15 Year Old Male Tabby Died Last July 23rd, 2010 He Was 15. It Is Very Hard Losing A Pet Who Has Been Around And Who You Cared For And Fed, And Played With.
    It Was His Time Don’t Blame Yourself Too Much.You Did The Best You Could For Your Cat. 1GREYRIDINGHOOD on Twitter Billy Z.

  2. Becca says:

    About the “just get another one” crap…I hate that line too. I remember when my bug got damaged and I called a lawyer inquiring about how to press charges against the guys who smashed all the windows (causing more damage than the car was insured for), and the condescending POS lawyer actually said (in a snide condescending tone too), “Just get another car. Forget it, don’t even try to get it fixed from ground-up because that’s just gonna make you dwell on it, move on and get a different car.” And you know how much my bug means to me. And unlike a living creature, a car CAN be revived — even one with damage exceeding the value — so I found his comments to be even more asinine than ever (and reason to NEVER hire him!).

    I also got irritated when, after my bunny Pebbles died, Drew actually had the nerve to say, “You need to get over this.” Not even “get over this, get another rabbit”, because he DIDN’T think I should even get another rabbit. Keep in mind I was 37 weeks pregnant and very hormonal, plus this was the FOURTH huge freaking setback in under one week (and yes, Drew was aware of all the other setbacks I’d gone thru that week)… Which made it even more infuriating that he’d say that. What really took the cake was, later that same day he said that, I watched Alyson Hannigan’s pregnant twit character on How I Met Your Mother cry over a freaking STAPLER that she herself had given away!! I figured, hey if it’s apparently acceptable for a pregnant woman to bawl over the littlest things including a stapler, then why are people being so rude to me when I lost a living animal I loved and cherished??

    • boredgirl260 says:

      I’m surprised Drew would be that way- I always thought he was pro-bunny? Either way its very rude, I’ve found the type of people who say that tend to be very insensitive.

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