Naval gazing

I can’t seem to be bothered to blog anymore. I have this long list of unfinished blog entries. I can’t seem to get past a paragraph. And..there’s stuff to write about. I went to this fun football game two weeks ago. And Michael Vick’s been injured. There’s politics, there’s sports. There’s Phillies, and Eagles, and Flyers. College, and pros. Life, and…I go nowhere.

My writers block seems a sign of something bigger. Some bigger malaise. Some…grayness. Something that can’t quite be put a finger on.

The Phillies won today, and I’m thrilled really. But, I’m not convinced I’m quite myself. I dunno. Part of me worries that the day I stop blogging about and laughing at my life is the day I start to die a little.

More melodrama. I’m probably just tired. Too exhausted by life to properly reflect on it in any meaningful way. Or maybe I’ve just forgotten how to be interesting. At least on a grand level.

I’ll still throw out an occasional funny line, tho I’d be hard-pressed to remember what it was. And it was a disaster, but, I kinda want Robin and Barney together. And I love Victoria, but she’s not the mother, people need to let that shit go.

Ryan Howard’s home run- the opposite of disaster. And maybe I’m all stream of consciousness, but that seems to be the only way I can write right now. At least anything suitable for public consumption.

And sometimes I’m right on the edge of something. There’s something dancing around the edge of my brain. But I’m too hazy to grab it. And so it flits away.

I hate the tbs announcers, but at least it’s not Joe Buck. I hate Joe Buck. I hate lots of things. Sometimes I forget what I like.

I like sunsets, and fluffy animals, and cuddling, and how cliched. And boring. I like the sound of a Ryan Howard home run. I like whiskey, and cookies and cream ice cream. I like to watch the rain, but I hate to travel in it. I like trains, and strawbridges. I like music, and laughter, and smart asses. I like the action news theme song, and wasting time online. I like players that actually tackle, and the 97 flyers. I guess I like lots of things. I guess. I dunno. Something missing here isn’t there?


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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