Woody Harrelson better be wrong….

So maybe I’m just in an apocalyptic mood. I did just finish a book all about international politics and zombies. Then my zombies got eviscerated by pirates. So, roaming bands of undead doesn’t exactly put me in the best frame of mind.

But the first thing I thought after the earthquake today. Okay, not the FIRST thing. First thing, I didn’t even realize it was an earthquake. I was sitting at my desk at work, eating my yummy lunch, when things…shook. The whole building, including the floor. At first, we thought that maybe it was just construction from across the street. Turns out..well, obviously, it was an earthquake.

Anyway, as i found out a 5.8 earthquake hit VA (with no real damage), and another earthquake hit Colorado today- visions of really dumb movies danced in my head. Like, super dumb. Like 2012 dumb. Okay, it was mainly JUST 2012. I know its a stupid movie, but it totally started with random earthquakes. And it doesn’t get much more random than an east coast earthquake.

I blame John Cusack


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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