I just don’t get why people are so bothered by gay people

I am remarkably accepting and tolerant of divergent/stupid political views. I follow on twitter, or are friends with on facebook, people with violently divergent views. Tea-partiers, hardcore pro-lifers and pro-choicers, etc. I may read their posts and face-palm, but its a free country, and its kinda interesting to see what’s floating around out there, even if I totally disagree with it.

There is a limit to my tolerance. And that limit is reached when you say that a group, a group that is already plagued by high rates of suicide, that if that group all killed themselves, the world would be a better place. Now, you can be opposed to gay marriage (I don’t GET it, but whatever. You don’t the state to sanction something YOU find a sin, because that’s totally the way government should work.) Regardless, holding that position won’t get you unfollowed/friended. Nor will holding the position that homosexuality is a sin, as long as you aren’t going around protesting at funerals or interfering with people’s lives, hey whatever. I’m hardly militant on the subject.

If, however, you compare gay people to rapists and child molesters to explain why Bert and Ernie shouldn’t get married….and, they shouldn’t get married as awesome as that would be. These are puppets, they are friends, let them remain asexual. I think insisting on a Muppet gay wedding is definitely overreach. That said, if you are going to make that point by comparing gays to rapists (which is also fairly offensive to anyone who has ever been raped) and then delete the comments that get rightfully outraged, while KEEPING your responses, and one of your responses is that the world would be better if all the gays killed themselves…well, putting no offense in the comment hardly mitigates the offense. De-friended, just like that.

I just don’t get why people are so bothered by gay people. I can get thinking its sinful, or wrong, but then if you are really that sure of it, then let God handle it. There are adulterers, and fornicators, and thieves, everywhere, and they don’t seem to cause the same violent reaction. I simply don’t get it. I am way more offended by Jersey Shore, or by stupidity, or by Congress. Just..Congress. But, I thought Neil Patrick Harris and his fiance and their twins on the cover of that magazine was adorable, I just…I don’t GET being offended by it. If you really think that will lead us all down the road to sin, then, well, don’t go along. If you are so sure you are right, then it will be proven at some point. Until then…live and let live.

And maybe save some of your venom, and your energy, towards famine in Africa, or people who let children rot to death in a bed, or people who rape children, or beat people in random mobs. There is so much wrong, and troubling with the world.

I wish the most offensive thing to God happening was actually gay marriage. I wish “the gays” were really the biggest problem that we had. Because then the world would be a really benign fucking place.


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