Death eaters

The world is falling apart. So, I could blog about the debt ceiling nonsense, and how for the past several days the house and senate have been furiously working on bills they knew couldn’t pass the other house. If anyone is wondering why the fuck people hate Washington- well, here- this is why people hate Washington! Fuckers! Hopefully everyone will enjoy paying higher interest on everything as we get downgraded because we can’t pay our bills, because we spent like crackheads and now can’t deal with consequences. There are so many questions to be asked about this fucked situation…but the question on the top of my mind??


*spoilers below*

Yeah, I know I know. Snape was the big hero. One big here is not enough to save the whole freaking house, which by all accounts has been a feeder system for death eaters for the past thousand years. Hell, even the guy who FOUNDED the house was a freaking Nazi! And yes, I know, I hate to compare Nazi’s to anything, but according to the freaking author of the books, that’s what they represent. And the propaganda pamphlets from the 7th movie were pretty damn blatant.

Anyway, even Snape, poor, heroic, rejected by Lily Potter Snape. He was a freaking death eater! That’s how he knew that Voldemort was going to target Lily. His love for her is what drove him into the light, but he’s still a complicated human being. And he’s not enough to make up for the pure evil that is that house.

The other example people use is to say Draco. Draco, who gets NO punishment for his crimes. Yeah, he came through to some extent, but he still was gonna side with Voldemort when everyone thought Harry was dead. And he gets to be happy, dropping his future Nazi child off at school?? No freaking way!

Even random members of the house show their evil colors. For instance, some random snooty girl in the house was ready to turn Harry over! Note to wizards, when you have to LOCK A HOUSE IN THE DUNGEON during your epic final battle with “you know who”, when you really need all hands on deck- its time to disband the house!

The house is basically Death Eater Academy. If I had to guess, I bet most of the hoards of evil wizards working for Voldemort were Slytherin House alumni!

Actually, there are lots of parallels between the world of Harry Potter and our Congress (though the world of Harry Potter seems way quicker to dissolve into fascism). Both Congress and the Ministry of Magic are wholly incompetent for one. The Congressional one is self-explanatory, but the Ministry of Magic is no picnic either. They let evil people work there, they imprison innocents at Azkaban while being way too lenient on others, and Hogwarts is rather dangerous and terrifying (who decided that planting an evil tree was a good idea?? And quidditch is fucking psychotic!!!). Also..they allow Slytherin house to exist!!!!!

With that track record, I’d almost prefer Congress. Though….I could definitely see some Congresspeople as soulless death eaters, pledging allegiance to an evil lord….


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5 Responses to Death eaters

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    from your post, im not sure if you like or dislike the hp series. haha. But Nice post btw 🙂

  2. Ardent Melody says:

    From this post, I can’t tell if you’ve only seen the movies, or if you’ve read the books also. The movies lack moral subtlety. If we only take the movies into account, then yes, it does seem like all Slytherins are evil, but that’s really not the case.

    • boredgirl260 says:

      I’ve only seen the movies, I’m fully willing to concede there’s more nuance in the book.

      • Ardent Melody says:

        Oh, well, I really recommend the books! There are so many wonderful sections and details which just couldn’t be fit into the movies which are well worth reading. The movies are very fun, but they don’t capture even half the magic of the books (in my opinion, of course). 🙂

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