He’s singing New York, New York, not Secaucus Secaucus

I had like half a blog written, all about occurrences earlier this week, but I let it sit for days and I lost interest. Not that there wasn’t stuff there. There was death (at least, some trespasser getting hit by a train), sex (at least, some ogling of attractive people), drugs (at least, some spiked coca-cola), and rock and roll (at least..a guns and roses song on youtube while we waited for the train to get moving). But, mostly it was cute animals. And ungodly heat. And major issues navigating unfamiliar subway systems. It was interesting. But..I don’t seem to have a good way to write about it. So, onto the refuge of a lazy writer…lists!!! 10 New York observations…

1. I don’t think I could ever love someone enough to move to New Jersey
2. I don’t get why anyone would feel the need to trespass across the train tracks. Especially train tracks the freaking Acela uses (even though this person got hit by a NJ Transit train). They do a good job of cleaning things up tho, I know once when a SEPTA employee got hit during the transit strike a couple years back, things were delayed two hours.
3. Its wasteful to mix top-shelf whiskey
4. When you are used to only two subway lines, the NYC subway is uber-confusing
5. I prefer if someone is going to beg for money they have some skill or put forth some effort (i.e. paint themselves gold and glue a broom to their head)
6. 2.50 for a slice of pizza is actually pretty reasonable.
7. Central Park is a really nice park. Like, seriously, if I lived in New York (which I really don’t want to), I’d probably spend most of my free time there.
8. It needs to be said again, I would not want to live in New York. Yeah, its cleaner, and probably more exciting, but Philly is a much more manageable size.
9. Seek out express trains whenever possible
10. Playing in the rain is fun (okay, I actually learned that a different day)


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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