If I’m going to survive this news cycle I’m going to need a lot more Zyrtec

Sometimes I write half of an entry, and then lose all interest in it. I just can’t seem to focus enough to be coherent. And the world just….blows. Fucking blows. Eight year olds carved up, three year olds blow-torched. The whole unceasing disaster down in DC. The fact that our national debt is equal to GDP. The fact that people actually think Casey Anthony is a good mother on the one hand, and on the other, people are attacking people who are simply NAMED Casey Anthony, or who have a slight resemblance to her. This whole thing is not exactly good for my faith in humanity.

And as if the current suffering in the world wasn’t bad enough, as if an eight year old getting chopped up walking home from camp (that video is one of the most heartbreaking things, and that man’s confession “I might have done something wrong”), and a three year old being beaten, and blow-torched (seriously, what the fuck, a fucking blowtorch?) until his poor little body can’t take it anymore…as if that wasn’t enough…I have old stuff too.

I’m reading this book, I highly recommend it’s called The Boy who was Raised a girl. It’s all about the David Reimer case. Anyway, if you don’t know the case, basically the little boy lost his entire penis in a circumcision accident (yet another what the fuck. Rabbis have been performing these without a hitch for years, and you think electrical current will improve the situation?). Anyway, his desperate parents end up with this entirely psychotic, but yet somehow esteemed doctor (seriously, he argued for pedophilia, dude had severe issues), who decide to raise the little boy as a girl. He’s a twin by the way, identical, so this asshole doctor- John Money (he’s dead now, though not nearly soon enough). Figures he has his perfect test case. They castrate the boy, and raise him as a girl. It doesn’t go well, the twins have a rather fucked childhood (I’m paraphrasing here), while going on these traumatic annual visits to this guy, who is basically sexually abusing them.

No, he didn’t molest them, but he showed them pornography, discussed inappropriate topics, and even had them ACT OUT SEXUAL STUFF ON EACH OTHER. Oh, also he stripped them naked and took a picture. Seriously, the guy is like a walking after school special, but yet somehow he had a government grant at the esteemed Johns Hopkins for forty years. What the fuck.

Anyway, after years of feeling like he was crazy, they finally tell this kid the truth at 14. He instantly wants to go back to being a boy, but life is still tough. Eventually he gets married and everything, but then at the age of thirty-eight (two years after his also fucked up brother OD’d) he shot himself in the head. Still a couple years before Dr. Money died.

And people still fucking defend him too, I’m watching this documentary, and its good, but I still don’t get how anyone could defend him. There were so many breaches of ethics here (i.e. him acting like things were hunky dory when they weren’t, and him never notifying anyone that the girl went back to being a boy).

Anyway, this news cycle combined with this now old story, it’s making me into quite the misanthrope. All I need is a cane and some Vicodin (though this allergy medicine is making me pretty loopy), and I’ll be right there.

There are probably arguments against misanthropy- but they definitely lost this week.


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