Fuck Florida

Listening to Casey Anthony coverage is giving me a bloody brain, but I still can’t look away. Obviously the bitch is guilty, though I don’t honestly think she set out to kill her child. I think she set out to DRUG her child, cover her with duct tape in case she woke up, and left her tossed in the car so she could go out and party or lay up with her boyfriend. Which is MUCH better than setting out to kill her. Hmph.

Anyway, the jurors were dumb. And lazy. Of course, Florida is kind of a dumb state. Maybe it’s all the sun baking their brains?? These are the same people who couldn’t figure out ballots and elected the somewhat crooked Rick Scott governor. No wonder they couldn’t see the plain truth.

I mean, not even manslaughter, or child abuse? Yeah, maybe the prosecution overreached, but that doesn’t mean the bitch should walk. her defense defied logic. And..the jury was only out 10 hours, and didn’t ask for one piece of evidence, before they simply decided she should walk? Bastards.

Fuck Florida. Seriously.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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2 Responses to Fuck Florida

  1. Dick says:


    From FLORIDA

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