Why the glee kids deserved to lose Nationals

1. Their performance was utterly lame and forgettable
2. Probably because their songs were written by a committee of rag tag high schoolers from a strangely warm Ohio
3. I.E. the songs were freaking horrible
4. Forgettable
5. Not at all catchy
6. They waited till two days before the freaking competition to even start writing
7. Glee writers fail logic forever
8. When the hell did they even practice or do choreography? Mr. Schue shoulda stayed in New York because his vest wearing ass got fired for incompetence!
9. Poor karma based on the shockingly stupid decision for him to TURN DOWN a Broadway show to coach show choir (to a group that will entirely be made up of seniors) in freaking Ohio. No one chooses Ohio (ok, yeah, they did choose Ohio in the out of towners, but that was also skanky 70’s New York filled with muggers, striking public workers, and unspeakable amounts of surly). No one can be rewarded for a decision that nonsensical
10. Yes, I know, they couldn’t write him off, but they could have had the show close in august and then he came back to teach. That would have been WAY less lame
11. The fact that they waited until they got to New York to write the songs has to be reinstated. Do the writers have some delusional sense of the supposed ease of song writing? Especially since they don’t just need lyrics, they need melodies and shit, even by glee standards it’s absurd.


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