Fuck Pakistan

I want to rant about the gall of the Pakistani military, being angry and threatening us, when they were harboring, and sheltering, our greatest enemy while taking two billion dollars from us each year. But, despite my constant ranting about it, I feel like I can’t make it coherent, intelligent enough, to justify a blog entry. I’m afraid it’ll sound stupid and uninformed, which is fine when I’m talking about..say, things that aren’t of utmost national import, but less good when talking about things that are this epically important. The primary things bothering me about Pakistan…

1. Bin Laden’s mansion was built in 2005, in the same town that the Pakistani Westpoint is located in. Yet, instead of acknowledging that AT BEST this was epic incompetence on the part of Pakistan, and at worst it was plain malfeasance, Pakistan instead claims that this is a failure of “world intelligence”. Um..I’m sorry, a giant compound with 12 foot walls and barbed wire goes up in the town that major part of your military are based in, and its a failure of WORLD intelligence? Are you fucking kidding me??

2. We give Pakistan two billion dollars a year, much of which they spend fretting over India (or it turns out, sheltering Bin Laden), they only cooperate with our drones when it suits them, they routinely cut dirty deals with the Taliban, and they are working to make side deals with Afghanistan. All the while, they act like they are doing us a favor, as we give them two billion dollars in aid a year.

3. Meanwhile, they bitch, and THREATEN us, that if we ever deal act unilaterally within their country again, we’ll be sorry. Right. Of course they are angry…they didn’t get a chance to warn Bin Laden so he could get away….

Fuck them!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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