About a blanket

What is with the blanket on the baby’s head thing? Have any of you noticed this- people who walk around-in all types of weather, their baby’s face and head hidden under a blanket? I’d chalk it up to some random quirk of motherhood I just don’t understand- except…I don’t see mothers in nice areas doing this. It’s exclusively in olney, or oak lane, or along the broad street line…never in the burbs or rittenhouse square. I do have some theories….

1. They secretly hate the baby and hate to look at its face
2. They are overprotective to the point of paranoia about their child being exposed to the elements -doubtful, since no one in the history of time was more overprotective than my mother (my friends will attest she’s a psycho) and she certainly never put blankets on top of my or my sisters head
3. They can’t afford to buy their child proper clothes- two problems with that- one- they are invariably well-dressed enough, and two- a hat for a baby isn’t all that expensive
4. They’ve seen all their idiot friends do it, and therefore they do it- probably because they aren’t that bright
5. To protect the child from germs- this may well be the reason they give, but it’s still fucking stupid, especially since, as above, people in nice areas don’t suffocate their baby’s just to prevent cold
6. There is a paternity battle, and they are afraid of running into the real father, who would recognize the child as his and instantly book a ticket to the Maury Povich show
7. The blanket looks oh so cute with my outfit!!!
8. They are secretly trying to give the baby SIDS?
9. Babies are smarter than we think, and the blanket is to shield the baby from how ugly and awful the ghetto is (courtesy of my friend mark)

Also- a google search on the issue turned up NO explanation- someone has GOT to explain this to me!!!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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