The cat in the hat is NOT where it’s at….

Its kinda fucked up that the Franklin Institute is currently showing a movie called tornado alley what with the hundreds dead down south

There’s this awful show on PBS based on the cat in the hat. It hurts my brain, and if my (hypothetical) children insisted on watching it I might have to smother them in their sleep. Why can’t all children’s shows be as adorable as Curious George? And that’s not just my pro-monkey bias talking- it’s a really good show! Whereas the cat in the hat show raped my childhood remotely.

The Davinci exhibit was well worth the $10, but admittedly parts of it were a bit….much. Still fun tho. And the Franklin institute helped redeem the parts of my childhood that were traumatized by that awful cat in the hat show. Seriously, watching that show would actually make the children dumber. And terrible terrible music. If the children are the future, and the children are watching that show, then I weep for the future.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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