Not so good Friday

My day has consisted of:

1. The flyers lost, in overtime, to fall behind 3-2 in the series, after previously being up 2-1
2. I missed the vast majority of said game, because I went to one bar/restaurant, that despite having SEVERAL TV’s, didn’t have one on the game, tho they did have an out of town baseball game on. The second bar did have the flyers game on- on one tiny TV i could barely see. The rapey, homophobic, generally douchy Kobe Bryant led Lakers were more important.
3. Rain
4. Exhausting text message arguments
5. Getting lost in new jersey
6. Arguments with snooty employees at restaurant about alleged half-off appetizers
7. Me getting way too excited about beating iPhone monopoly
8. In other EA related news, my sim is probably going to die from maltreatment (there was a $.99 app store sale)
9. Lots of wagnst from me (including this blog entry).


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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