Fuck dancing

Sometimes when I am aggressively bad at something I get the petty and childish desire to ban it.

Like dancing. I am an atrocious dancer. Which isn’t surprising, I can barely walk without causing freaking mayhem. I just lack..proper body control. And rhythm. And yes, I know I’m black, but every stereotype isn’t true. I also hate watermelon, and tho I don’t own a car, if I did the rims would not be the most expensive thing on it (fuck spinning rims). I do love fried chicken tho.

Anyway, I kinda want to ban dancing. Like that preacher in footloose. Not that I’ve seen footloose, but I think I have the basic plot. John Lithgow is the town preacher, and his daughter dies, so he bans…dancing? Because he fails logic forever (like the afghans). Anyway, so this sad little cow town has no dancing, then Kevin Bacon comes, and danced in a barn, and danced into their hearts. Or something. I admit to not even doing a basic Wikipedia search on the subject. Because, well, I HATE dancing. And I suck at it. So it must go.

Maybe I should ban other things I’m bad at too. Like…normalcy. And…sanity. And carrying a tune. And swimming. And keeping a healthy sleep schedule. And…this MAY get out of hand. I’m bad at a LOT of things.

But, anyway, the dancing. Down with the dancing. I stand with John Lithgow! (Even if he did kill Rita and abandon Barney as a child).


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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