risking the fatwa

So, I’m browsing the Internet, and I see that, let’s say, the KKK has said something really offensive and ignorant about black people. In response, I can either

a) write them off as the ignorant assholes they are, maybe bitch some, but realize they have no power and are roundly hated, and go about my day
b) demand the government arrest them (because I forget how freedom works)
c) get some people together, and go kill some random white people who aren’t even tangentially related to this isolated event (because I forget how logic works)

Let’s try another example. I find out that some Mets fans are spewing hatred about phillies fans, and burning Ryan Howard bobbleheads in effigy. (they are really angry about the whole sucking thing). So, I’m upset and offended, baseball is SACRED to me. So, I go out on a murderous rampage, but all I can find are Nationals fans (in some alternate universe where such things exist) so I decide to kill them instead. Because, a bobblehead is totally worth a human life, and besides, nationals fans or mets fans don’t matter- I just know they aren’t like me, because I’m a phillies fan, so it doesn’t matter if they die.

And, I think you know what I’m getting at here. And, before you send that angry comment, I know a Koran isn’t a bobblehead. I know it’s sacred to these people, and I can respect that, even tho it isn’t sacred to me.

But, if you honestly believe that your god values human life below a printed page, then, well, fuck you and your god.

And I might be risking a damn fatwa here, but I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it being totally okay for south park to poop on Jesus, but god forbid they show Muhammad. Because, all the Christians will do is write a strongly worded letter, and start an ineffective boycott that actually makes the show more popular, but the Muslims might BLOW YOU UP. No, it’s gotta stop.

The kid who throws the tantrum shouldn’t get candy while the well-behaved kid starves. And I’m tired of everyone having to condemn some ignorant pastor with his sad little congregation, while barely condemning a murderous mob of 20,000 people killing a bunch of UN workers who were only there to help educate….wait, maybe they wanted to kill them BECAUSE they were educating the women?? Because, the whole not having freedom and beating the women thing works so well for them, there’s no way that’s correlated to the fact they live in caves. At all.

Let’s condemn this asshole pastor, and we’ll ignore the fact that the US backed dictator was the one to stir up the mob, saying we needed to arrest this loser, when he clearly knew better.

And, let’s respond to a crazy stunt meant to show the violence of Islam…with violence. Because we clearly don’t understand the concept of irony.

I’m tired of eggshells. And justifications. I’m tired of Muslim leaders complaining because EVERY member of the house hasn’t condemned the pastor, while none of then condemn the violence. I’m just fucking tired of it.

If that makes me a bigot, than fuck it, I’m a bigot. But, if you want to live in the modern world, you have to deal with criticism, and realize there are people who don’t give a fuck what you hold sacred. And if your response to that is murder, then, well, go fuck yourselves. Seriously. Because there are sure as hell no virgins waiting for you when you get to the other side, and if there are, if you are right, then fuck it. I’d rather be in hell then spend an eternity with you people.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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