Food food food

I really miss Spaghetti Warehouse. I know the hipsters and the foodies hated the place, but I really liked it. Good, reasonably priced food, great service every time I went there, and I LOVED the way the place was decorated. Plus, if I’m hanging out in town with my friend who prefers to drive down there, it was a go to lunch/dinner place for after a day at the museums, or before or after a Phillies game. Now, I need to try to figure out where to go- and I HATE doing that. Because I like chains. Not exclusively or anything, but I do like chains when it comes to food. I’m low-rent that way.

I also miss Peace a Pizza. I know Center City is crawling with pizza places, but I’ve yet to find another one with mac and cheese or ziti pizza. I haven’t even found a go to place yet. What’s worse, is that now its harder for me to even get my fix outside work, since the two closest ones to my house (which were still not all THAT close), closed down, meaning I’d have to shlep to Mongtomeryville just to get pizza. And, more annoying than missing out on the creative pizza, the yummy breadsticks, and the overpriced but delicious chocolate chip cookies, is that was one of my go to lunch places. Just about one day every week I got pizza there. Now- its gone, an empty storefront in the food court, and I have to think harder about where to go to lunch. Lunch is the highlight of my day, I already spend too much time thinking about it without complicating matters.

Sometimes it seems like the junk food gods are plotting against me. Hungryman, purveyors of the pound of food in a TV dinner, seriously stopped offering all four meals they made I liked, and replaced them with shit I didn’t. I swear its a conspiracy…


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2 Responses to Food food food

  1. Beetle says:

    They closed Spaghetti Warehouse??? 😦 No!!! Me and the late Karl Gill went there a number of years ago on a date. Why’d they close it? And yes, I liked the setup of the place too.

    • boredgirl260 says:

      They didn’t specify WHY they closed it back in December, but my theory is that the rent was just too high on that location and they weren’t making enough money. Everytime I went in there it wasn’t that busy, and that was a HUGE location, with likely escalating rent as Northern Liberties became more expensive. Additionally, they were in kind of a lousy location, because it wasn’t really near anything, so therefore they probably weren’t even benefiting from the area improvements that were likely causing higher rent. It sucks tho, I loved that place, and now the closest one is in Pittsburgh. When they closed they said they would consider another Philly location, but they haven’t said anything else yet.

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