Finally quiet

I love how there are so many delightfully old things in Philadelphia. Old buildings, history, places with the names engraved in them. I hate how they don’t carve names in buildings anymore. I’d hate to live someplace where everything was new and boring (I’m looking at you Phoenix. Down at you specifically since you’re still number 6!!).

And, the Freedom Rising show at the Constitution Center is really fucking phenomenal. The rest of the museum….not so much. The Art of the American Solider exhibit is fantastic, I’d recommend everyone go, but since it ends the 31st, I doubt you’ll all make it.

This China taking over the world commercial gives me the creeps. And might be a little racist.

I left this for hours. Because…I have trouble really caring anymore. I mean, I care about the world. My heart stirs at the Freedom Rising presentation, I am horrified by Milton Street. But..I can barely be bothered to get out of bed. How much I care about my life generally varies greatly by my mood. And…this sounds worse than it is. Because I’m tired. Have been for weeks. Just consistently not sleeping enough, even on the weekend. I stay up, and screw around on the computer, or play on my phone, and just…sleep almost feels like a waste of time, even though I like doing it. And even though I’m not doing anything important. And…I forgot my thought. I never get peace and quiet anymore. I want some damn peace and quiet. And maybe that’s why I stay up…because then its finally quiet.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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