Too tired for a title…

I don’t know why Amanda Knox is trying so hard to get that movie about her banned, the movies makes her innocence look clear as a bell…

I am perennially exhausted. I don’t even know what it means to be well-rested anymore. And this cold weather after the warm weather last week is pissing me off.

I just don’t feel like DOING anything. Except vegging. And screwing on the internet, and texting. And watching Glee. Because- its so easy to write and choreograph and arrange a couple of surprisingly catchy original songs. In a week. While in high school. And those high school kids know WAY too much old music. Yeah, I know old music, but I’m also aggressively weird. I grew up listening to Oldies 98 with Harvey Holiday. If you aren’t from Philly you will not get that.

This weather is pissing me off. Like, I feel much colder now than when we had this exact weather last month. Because a week ago it was 70 and I didn’t even need a jacket. And so my brain has shut down whatever warm, protective instincts it uses in winter. Or something.

All week I’ve been tired. Like, too tired to properly function, if I actually had a car I certainly would’ve crashed it tired. My short-term memory is going to shit tired. I’m misspelling words, and leaving blogs for hours and never finishing them. I wonder if that’s a metaphor for something….


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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