Screw Rachel Nichols, seriously…

Sometimes optimism actually makes me more pessimistic. Like, people espouse the need to make the world a better place (by some sort of pay it forward, treating people decently thing), and it makes me espouse sociopathic bullshit. I don’t actually believe all attachment is bad. I don’t believe people should treat others shabbily. But…

Sometimes it’s hard to care about the bullshit. And…people do suck. Most of them anyway. And what’s weird, I was making the exact OPPOSITE argument to one friend that I was making to a different friend last night. Because perky brings out the worst in me. It almost seems like an assault on my worldview, causing my clouds to actually get darker.

And..speaking of dark clouds- what is with this stupid new blonde on Criminal Minds?!?!? I hope her character dies…ugh. She is the most pointless character ever, she doesn’t add anything, she doesn’t say anything useful, she isn’t a good actor, and it doesn’t make any sense in-story for her to stay. And yet here she is- as a series fucking regular! Screw Rachel Nichols, seriously.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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