sorry Joia, the pizza is at another restaurant

So, today I started a quest to find a new pizza place to go to on my lunch breaks….it’s not going well so far. My old pizza place, the Peace a Pizza, closed without warning. This upset me greatly. Yeah, they were kinda expensive- but they had mac and cheese pizza!! And ziti pizza!!!

You have no idea how important this pizza is to get me getting through my week at work. But, sadly, Peace a Pizza is gone from Center City. And, I don’t know where else to get my specialty, fancy pizza from. (Suggestions would be appreciated). So, today when I craved pizza, I had to settle for normal pizza. After much googling, I settled on Jake’s pizza, pizza which I felt was decent enough when I had it before. I bought too much pizza, a whole personal pizza (which is like a full pizza there), and some garlic bread. I ate the whole pizza, and, well…meh. Mediocre. it was okay enough, but nowhere close to enough sauce. And the garlic bread was unappetizing (I didn’t even eat it). And the restaurant smelled funny. So..won’t be going there again, at least not for pizza.

I’m not sure what to try next- but seriously- if you know a place in Center City, Philadelphia that has ziti pizza or mac and cheese pizza- I am BEGGING you- comment me!! I may go crazy here.


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27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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