My day- blogged

  • Damn pop songs with unrealistic expectations
  • Damn it’s hot in my office and I fear I may die, this sweater was a bad decision
  • Damn myself for forgetting to bring painkillers
  • Damn scary emergency meetings at work
  • Damn me for having other plans
  • Note to self: do not buy seaside fries from ricks steaks again. Normally I adore bay fries. But these were WAY too spicy and just blah.
  • Weirded out by seeing a picture of Michelle Obama on this woman ‘s calendar in her cube. I assume it’s some creepy Obama family calendar, but it is then pointed out to me that it could be an inspirational women calendar. I am easily disturbed by seeing too many photos/mugs/posters of sitting politicians. I blame middle eastern dictators for my squeamishness. Plus, I just prefer calendars with comics or kittens or something on them anyway, I don’t like people up on my walls. Or on my background on my phone or computer- just a preference thing I guess.
  • Damn this severe headache. It doesn’t help I feel overly full from lunch, especially those damn fries.
  • I’m addicted to zombie farm. And cause of death. And *shudder* surviving high school.
  • The only way I’d attend the new Justin Bieber movie would be if I could plant a bomb under each seat.
  • In the winter little kids are so bundled up they kinda look like terrorists.
  • I was just about to bitch about Arcadia having a lazy registrar, but then they emailed me right then with what I needed!
  • If a man ever bought me organic vegan chocolates I’d dump him.
  • I need to start exercising. My totally awesome friend sent me suggestions, but I’m scarcely motivated. I wish I had a wii. If I had a wii I would TOTALLY exercise, and not get at all distracted by Mario vs. Sonic. Because that’s not like a childhood dream or anything.
  • My college transcript may be the most bullshit ridden document known to man. Well, aside from the communist manifesto. At least my transcript hasn’t caused millions of deaths- just thousands of dollars of debt.

About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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