lackluster Super Bowl writeup

Ok, I’m slightly more well rested today, so let’s try this again. I’ve been trying to do a Super Bowl write-up since Sunday night, and I’ve been hardcore failing, so rather than trying to be epic and clever- some random thoughts:

America the Beautiful and The Star Spangled Banner both being sung before the game is just excessive.

How the hell is going to the ground unsportsmanlike conduct?? If I’m going to get a penalty for going down one on knee- then I might as well do backflips and taunt Ben Rothilsburger!! The NFL has some serious issues.

The game was a real nailbiter, despite Pittsburgh really not playing well. (Maybe because they really aren’t that good?)

As everyone has said, the halftime show was a disaster. The halftime show is ALWAYS a disaster. My friend argued that maybe we should stop having one entirely since it ALWAYS sucks and people just bitch. Though…the bitching was pretty funny 🙂

Joe Buck is the freaking devil. He adds no insight, he’s an idiot, he says things that are either blatantly inaccurate or painfully obvious, and due to his announcing both baseball and football, he manages to destroy the ENTIRE sports year. I realized that the only Joe Buck free month is March- and that assumes that baseball doesn’t start till April. He is a blight on humanity.  And on sports- obviously.

And…this took me days and it still pretty much sucked. Oh well. The Super Bowl is probably my favorite national holiday, and I still couldn’t write about it effectively. This again proves that I suck at holidays. At least the Steelers lost…




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