A couple days of what the fuck

This whole week has been kind of a hot mess. Today there was ice, and exhaustion. And me going a little crazy- but lets not talk about that part. And, I ate too much, because my appetite doesn’t seem to be quite what it was unless I’m eating ice cream. Which in reality is a good thing, it means I could lose a few pounds (not that I’m fat or anything, but there are probably areas where I could be less round), but…that would require me not ordering a huge portion, as my eyes are WAY bigger than my stomach, and it seems like lately I have either been full or famished, with no in-between.

Also today, I decided to, for some reason, do some comparative glancing at my latest paystub. And…I discovered I’m paying 20 bucks less in Social Security taxes (which I am all for- fuck the old people). Okay, that may seem harsh. But…they totally got us into this mess. And…I’m broke NOW. I could use that money, rather than supporting a glorified pyramid scheme that won’t even be around in 50 years when I’d be old enough to enjoy it. Nevermind the fact that I’d rather 27 year old Joia be happy, then incontinent, arthritic, high cholesterol (since the way I eat, plus I’m black…you know that shit is coming), be slightly less miserable. But I digress, my Social Security taxes actually went down! But..in what I can only describe as Uncle SAM choosing to give me a giant middle finger, my tax bill went up a corresponding $15. Could someone possibly explain this to me? I’m not magically in a higher tax bracket, so what gives? Does the government just hate me?? Does my friend who works at the IRS (and shall remain nameless- I will not be responsible for him being egged in the street like Nicholas Cage in that Weatherman movie) have it in for me? Is he trying to get revenge? Either way- I’m pretty sure I’m getting screwed.

Yesterday, yesterday some asshole (do we know who yet?) decided to toss a FLAMING BACKPACK in a trashcan along the Broad Street Line. What….the….fuck??? I assume some sociopathic teenager, or a terrorist…or a terroristic teenager?? Either way, when I got off of work they were shuttle busing from downtown to Temple U. Which took freaking forever. Especially the last two blocks- I could have walked faster.

Enter subway, and I make a deal…or attempt to. Actually, said deal got made later- I shall not speak of it. And the world is filled with Molotov cocktails. And I’m hardly cheerful. And oftentimes not even fine. But…I’ll live. I hope. I think. I pray (assuming I ever actually prayed- I only pray when I want something, so I’m pretty sure God sends me to some never checked voice-mail). I’ll be okay. Unless I’m not.




About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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