The Pittsburgh Steelers are the NJ Devils of the NFL

Back in the day, I always hated the nj devils. Now, I admit that this was partly due to them being a division rival my beloved flyers had a bad habit of losing to, but there was also a non-petty reason. They played “the trap”, this grippy, grabby, let’s endlessly skate thru the neutral zone style of play that was excessively dull, frequently copied, and bad for the sport. Now, the devils kinda suck (fluke winning streak notwithstanding), and they don’t play a trap style anymore anyway. In fact, the trap was so bad for the sport, the NHL actually came up with rules changes to help combat it.


With the setting of that team and their swamp based arena behind me… Ok, that’s unfair, because I’m pretty sure they don’t even play in the meadowlands anymore, and in the interest of fairness, I’m pretty sure the part of South Philly where the Corestates/First Union/Wachovia/Wells Fargo/bank to be bailed out with my tax money Center sits was former swamp that was drained to build JFK Stadium for some ill-fated worlds fair. But, I digress, A LOT.


Anyway, point is, there’s a new bad for the sport team to face my ire. And here none of my interest is petty, since the Steelers play in an entirely different conference, and the one super bowl in my freaking lifetime (gold standard in sports my ASS) that the Eagles have been to, they lost to the openly cheating, chronically man-whoring (for a LESS attractive/talented woman-Giselle is kind of a bitch, and not half as attractive as Bridget Moynihan is. If you don’t believe me- watch Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- and if you don’t love her by the end you have no soul) Patriots, whose inability to secure a super bowl win since I like to blame on the curse of the manslut (aka the douche with the Beiber cut).


Did I have a point? Oh…right. Anyway, the Steelers play in a different conference, and aren’t even a natural geographic rival. More importantly, it’s not like I went to PSU and was therefore surrounded by obnoxious Steelers fans. Nevermind that if you know me at all, ever since the Eagles signed a certain dog-torturing, herpes spreading, sociopath, I haven’t exactly been invested in their victory anyway. And, no, I’m not jealous of the Steelers, because having to decide whether I’d rather root for a rapist or a dog murderer is a moral game I will not play.


Anyway, my dislike of the steelers (apart from the whole dumbass rapist QB thing) is purely based on football. Or, rather, how brutal they make football to watch. Every super bowl they end up in tends to suck, with the refs WILDLY deciding things in their favor. The first time I was willing to write off as Jerome Betis’s final year, but then they played Seattle and this shit became a pattern. They play this grabby, cheaty, soul crushing form of football, which combined with the irritating ref love, makes them fucking unwatchable.


I am not optimistic about this being a decent Super Bowl.


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