Tired of getting over it

I’m on the subway this morning, running through an upsetting hypothetical. I realize that if this were to happen, I’d eventually get over it.

Then I realized that that was all life seemed to be a series of things that need to be gotten over. Nothing really getting better, just one bad/upsetting/unfortunate thing after another. There are a few exceptions (i.e. Getting over losing sports seasons was subverted by the phillies in 2008- and hopefully in 2011!!!)

But still, I could frame my life since birth as simply a series of things that I had to get over. Father’s gone? You’ll have to get over that. Classroom filled with little shits who don’t like you and can be fucking mean about it? Get over it- friends are overrated anyway. And people wonder why I’m not in a flaming hurry to have kids- maybe because my experience with them when I was one was less than great. Though hopefully my kids wouldn’t be evil shits- I certainly wouldn’t want them to be me either.

Family completely batty (and not in that cute movie way, more in that lifetime movie way). Just gotta get over that. Ignored by boys in high school? Over it! Dumped by boys in college? Over it.

Employment difficulties, financial issues, problems with friends and family? They are all there to be gotten over.

But, maybe I’m tired of just getting over things. I mean, if all life is is one miserable trial after another- then what exactly is the point? Why fucking bother? There has to be more than that- right??


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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