I’m getting an iPhone 4!!!

I’m getting an iPhone 4!!!!! This isn’t maybe, this isn’t an I’m going to try, this is an I already paid at&t and they are getting ready to ship it.

Let me explain….

I got this email in my inbox at work. From at&t.  Something about trading in my 2g smartphone for a 3g one. And if the phone was under $100- it’d be free! Now, my upgrade date isn’t till March, and it didn’t have enough details (like if I could use it on a phone that costs more than that), so i decide to give AT&T a call to find out more details and if it is legit. The call center people have no fucking clue and are totally useless.

So, later, I get the bright idea to call the individual stores and get information that way, since maybe they will know about the promotion. It takes several attempts before I finally get through to a store, but they do tell me the promotion is legit. Though, they also tell me I have to find a store that has an iPhone 4 in stock (total impossibility). So, I call every Philly AT&T store, and none of them have iPhones, with the exception of one that I can’t even get through to. I decide, on a whim, to stop by said store after work.

They don’t have any iPhones either, but, maybe I can put one on order and still use the promotion. After waiting a full hour, i finally get called. And..I’m able to order the phone!! So, iPhone 4 here I come!!!


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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2 Responses to I’m getting an iPhone 4!!!

  1. Wayne Dixon says:

    The reason that AT&T is allowing this is because the Verizon iPhone was just announced yesterday and they’re on a customer retention kick.

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