And that’s how Sue C’s it

*Edit: The Justin Bieber Glee episode is actually NOT happening, but the mere existence of Justin Bieber is enough to make me lose faith.


Things causing me to lose faith in humanity:

1. The shooting in Arizona. Now, the actions of one deranged loser (or maybe even two) would not necessarily make me lose faith. Its more the reaction. Within hours of this tragic event, in which five people died (including a Judge and a nine year old girl- who was born on 9/11), it ceased to really be about the tragedy, or the actions of this one asshole. It became an excuse for partisan jabs. Blame throwing, bitch fighting. It fucking sickens me. I don’t like Sarah Palin either, but I think saying she’s responsible is a bit of a stretch, and perhaps more importantly- its too fucking soon. I’m tired of people on both sides using tragic events as ways to gain political points. Its fucking sick, and it needs to fucking stop.

2. On a much much much much lighter note…there’s going to be a Justin Bieber episode of Glee. Really…is the show aiming for an audience of blind, deaf, and dumb (not dumb like mute, I mean dumb like their parents should have left them in the woods to die as babies) fans? I couldn’t name one fucking song of his, and neither can anyone else over the age of 12. What the fuck? besides, I don’t trust anyone, especially not a talentless wigger with bad hair, who has fans who threaten the idiot Disney star who is apparently dating him. Because apparently Selena Gomez is into eunuchs? *Shudder*. Glee…you’re already going kinda insane- but a Bieber based episode might be the last straw.

3. Snooki. Writing a novel. I’m not convinced Snooki can actually read. Just….no.


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