mummers and tiramisu

I am distracted. By things, people, events, I can’t speak of. Yesterday, yesterday was a good day. Went to the Mummers parade, had frozen tiramisu from Olive Garden, saw the Cleopatra exhibit, and discovered that I, who am endlessly forgettable, somehow managed to drive a man to drink.

Anyway, the parade was fun. I hate being short, makes it hard to see things, and my pictures came out crappy, but still- fun. There were copious amounts of drunk people though, one dude on Broad Street just threw up on himself. I hate throwing up, I refuse to drink to the point of throwing up. Especially in broad daylight, on a public street. Anyhow..yay Philly traditions regardless.

I remember once, years ago, getting seriously buzzed off the frozen tiramisu at Olive Garden. Yesterday I’d barely eaten at all, but yet I didn’t feel much of a buzz. Little lightheaded maybe, but I’m always lightheaded anymore. Fast forward fast forward. Orange line, green line, walk down city streets.

Cleopatra exhibit was really interesting. Learned some stuff, saw some gold jewelry, good times. Night continues, 7-11, and more SEPTA.  Whiskey, and bourbon. And I’m kind of a bad person. Maybe. Not really. Its complicated. It always is.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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