the holiday village*

*Ok, so Christmas is over. And..they changed the name back after like two days. But, I think my point about political correctness and the holiday season is still valid..if somewhat dated. Ok, so this blog got buried in my email for three weeks and I forgot to post it. Shit happens, I’m posting it now. You’ll learn to deal.

I’m not that into Christmas. I like pretty lights, and Santa, and all  that, but my house stays dark and the list of people I exchange  presents with stays purposefully small. And I’ve briefly considered  *kidding kidding kidding* doing bad bad things to b101. When right  wing commentators claim a “war on Christmas”, I mostly scoff.

But this is fucking absurd. The Christmas village at Dilworth plaza is  now- the holiday village. So very lame. They said they got complaints.  Really- homeless people routinely sleep there, and bathe in the  fountains, and the Christmas village is what people find offensive?!?  The most offensive thing about the Christmas village is the fact that
it’s in such close proximity of the evil that is city hall and the  municipal services building. I complain about the lazy idiots in those  buildings, but that is clearly less valid than some overly sensitive  asshole who is somehow offended by the word Christmas.

Never mind the blatant pandering, it’s just intellectually dishonest.  Hanukkah is not nearly as major a holiday for Jews as Christmas is for  Christian, it’s only been elevated because of the proximity. Which is  insulting when you think about it- that we gauge the importance of  Jewish holidays by their proximity to Christian ones. That is  condescending and offensive if you ask me. But, it’s dishonest to call  it a holiday village. There’s only one holiday that made the city put
up that village-and it isn’t Kwanzaa.

It’s intellectually dishonest, condescending, and just plain stupid.  If anyone honestly believes removing the word Christmas from  everything will somehow change the fact that 90% of the country  celebrates it, that somehow saying happy holidays isn’t entirely bland  and illogical (especially if Hanukkah has already passed), then they  need to have their head examined.

Enough with the politically correct, but factually challenged way we  celebrate holidays! I’ve had fucking enough!


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