The incredible disappearing cat

Me and my family took in this stray. She was little, and striped. She had been coming around for months, and we had been feeding her. But, we were concerned about her being out in the cold and rain, and worried about her getting pregnant and having kittens. We couldn’t decide what to do about her, as she came by to visit. Until a couple weeks ago, when our handyman said that he was looking for a cat, and he’d take her. So, we decide to bring her in.

Red flag one- she won’t come in the house. It’s freezing, she trusts us, sort of at least, but when we prop open the door, she won’t come in. She also won’t go in the cage, even when we put food in there. Or in the carrier. She proves frustrating and impossible to catch. Eventually, my step dad dons gloves and long sleeves, and just brings her inside, as she growls. We keep her in the basement, because she won’t go in the cage. This is not as bad as it sounds, its a finished basement, with carpeting, and panels, and a couch. Anyway, we keep her down there, while we wait for him to come pick her up.

We agree to get her spayed, so we take her to a low-cost clinic. We can’t be 100% sure, in hindsight, that they spayed her. She was wide awake the whole trip home, we never saw her scars, she seemed to have few after effects. Unlike the other cat we brought, who didn’t even get spayed, just cut open, because it turns out she had been spayed before. (Fucking incompetent SPCA). Anyway, we bring her home.

The guy omes by on Sunday, but she hides behind a piano, and we can’t get her into the carrier, so he leaves, vowing to get her another day. Then today happened. This morning, my step dad, apparently goes downstairs, feeds her, then locks up the basement and the kitchen door, and heads out to a work. A short while later I come downstairs. Nothings out of the ordinary, but I don’t spend much time in the kitchen. Grab a drink of water, head upstairs, head out. The doors seem locked, I don’t see anyone, and head off to work.

My mother is annoyed about her hiding, and her later escape (oh yeah, I forgot, after I went to bed, she escaped the basement, and they had to search the house for her and put her back), so she never visits her all day, assumes she’s down there. My step dad gets home, heads to the basement. She’s not there. We turn the whole house upside down, she isn’t anywhere. Somehow, without anyone seeing, she busted through two barricaded doors, hid in the house for hours without my mother or any of the other animals seeing, and snuck out the door when my step dad came home from work, without anyone realizing.

Or, alternately, she’s been possessed by ghosts. Honestly, I find it creepy either way. Maybe she’s in the walls right now…haunting us. We’ll see.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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