Holidays make me feel….nothing

I don’t GET holidays. Like, I’m not a total scrooge, I like Christmas lights. And Christmas trees. And the light show at Wannamaker’s. I like how lit up the city gets. But, when it comes to the actual day of Christmas- I feel nothing. It’s any other day, but with less on TV and a day off work. And tons of irritating music. Same thing with Halloween. I like scary stories, and haunted houses. I like horror movies. But, the day itself does nothing for me. I couldn’t care less about wearing a costume, and I sure don’t want to share my hard earned candy with any grubby children. Wow, that sounded bad.

I am glad to have America, and I LOVE fireworks, but the 4th of July is kinda blah. Same with Labor Day. And I loathe fucking Valentine’s Day, at least the other holiday’s give you the day off, Valentine’s Day just makes me feel bad about myself. In fact, I LOATHE Valentine’s Day.

But, I imagine the day I feel the least about, of major holidays anyway, is Thanksgiving. Don’t get me wrong, I like turkey alright. I look forward to the parade. I’m glad for a long weekend. But, the day itself means less than nothing to me. Like, my one friend mentioned how he was looking forward to it, and I made some crack about a free meal. And, he got offended. Because it’s apparently his favorite holiday. And..I didn’t mean to offend, I just don’t get it. That’s what the day is about, right? Eating a ton and watching typically bad football games? He said something about family..and I just felt nothing. Another friend didn’t like my suggestion of just doing his Thanksgiving thing on Friday. He said it wasn’t the same. me it would be. It just would. It’s an arbitrarily chosen day of what was a likely fictional event. The whole Indians/Pilgrims story didn’t exactly end pretty. And, that doesn’t mean I’m opposed to the idea, it just means that I feel no kindred spirit to the holiday. The day is like any other, except with less on TV.

Maybe..I’m just weird or something. But, holidays just make me feel nothing. None of those warm and fuzzys. Just…even holidays I like, when the day comes…I feel nothing.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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