Hyperbole annoys me sometimes. Like when people say we live in a  police state, and that Obama/Bush/politician to be named later is a  dictator/Nazi/racist. I don’t know if it’s a sign of ignorance or  stupidity or just a lack of morality, but it’s really fucking annoying.


I mean, do these people know what the Nazis actually did? I mean  really, concentration camps/genocide/generalized sociopathy. No  American politician is equivalent to Hitler ok, just stop. There are  plenty of valid arguments you can make without spitting on the  memories of the 12 million killed, 6 million Jewish, who were fucking  gassed and shot, and starved and worked to death. It’s fucking  ridiculous, kids are going to think that Nazis are somehow equivalent  to Nancy Pelosi just because people don’t like her. “so, mommy, a Nazi  is just a politician I disagree with, right??” Jesus fucking Christ.


And- attention crazy people- hate Obama all you like (this applies when bush was in power too) but we are not actually living in a  dictatorship/police state, if we were, YOU WOULD BE DEAD. Idiots. Live  in fucking Burma for a week, or Iran, or Zimbabwe, and tell me America  is even vaguely fucking equivalent. Or live in a country that you have  to freaking sneak out of, like north Korea or Cuba. If your countries  only way to keep population is with fucking fences- YOUR COUNTRY  CLEARLY SUCKS. You can criticize government overreach without being a  fucking ignorant asshole who is so fucking spoiled you don’t even  realize how terrible so many people truly have it.


Oh, and Mumia Abu Jamal- not a fucking political prisoner- he’s a  fucking thug who killed a fucking cop. Get the fuck over yourself. The  woman who just got released after seven years on house arrest, the guy in china who won the peace prize (much more deserving than say Obama  (I still don’t get why he won) or Gore (how does an environmental  documentary help the world be peaceful exactly?) And I digress. But,  they are fucking political prisoners. The fucked up thing is, there  likely are innocent people, truly innocent people, who are getting  fucked, and no one is even helping them.


But I have a solution. Next person to call some random asshole  politician a Nazi gets a trip to the holocaust museum. And then to a  freaking concentration camp, so they can comprehend the offensiveness  of what they are actually saying.


And next person to go on and on “Obama is executing our democracy and  instituting a police state”. Go to Iran, seriously. Maybe we can even  trade you for those poor bikers and you will actually do some good  with your misguided fucking life. Jesus.


And people wonder why I don’t like people.


About boredgirl260

27 year old trying to figure things out as she goes.
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